Freedom Walk America (FWA), is a national, not for profit African-American Family History Society founded in 2001 by William B. Kidd and Gwen Holland in Houston, Texas. Since it's inception, two chapters of the organization was established in Wilcox County, Alabama and Chicago, Illinois. FWA is committed to promoting, documenting, preserving, and encouraging the study of African-African family history. 
       OUR WORK   

TAP (The Alabama Project)  For 30 plus years FWA members and volunteers researched in the Black Belt (southwest) counties of Alabama collecting, compiling, and transcribing hard to find historic African-American records.Some of our collections can be found in some of the United States top 10  genealogical library open stack collections. 

Hands on History - FWA touches history through research and travel featuring our annual youth tours, Your Footprints on the Trail  ( a look at the Civil Rights Movement), African-American sites, i.e. museums, Freedman Farms, HBCU's, historic towns founded by Blacks during and after Reconstruction. 
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Genealogy Workshops  we offer basic genealogy classes for beginners and advanced levels. All classes are free at public venues. 

Our House Family Trees is our first attempt to create a genealogy software tool to assist the genealogist or family historian in their research. We are proud of this pilot as we boast of this software, the first of its kind that exclusively includes undocumented African-Americans that were not included on official records. Like no other software, Our House yields significant data spanning the time line of Slavery Emancipation and beyond!
(OUR HOUSE is currently under construction for updates, changes, an online and Mobile App))

Fly Pink Some people walk and others may run, but we are FLYING PINK for the CureFWA is entering into its 4th Annual Fly Pink Campaign of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness. We fly beautiful custom made Breast Cancer Kites on the first or second Saturday of October. Fly Pink is a national campaign. Please help us to raise funds by purchasing your kite or starting a Pink Campaign in your city.(The Fly Pink website is temporarily under construction)

........documenting and sharing a true written history of our people, for our posterity.
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